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Starting From $300,000

Luxurious, sleek and mesmerizing would be the right way to define Elevate condos in the beautiful city of Toronto. Elevate condos stand in the Kitchener condo community, exemplifying the urban living standard with a variety of condominiums. This beautiful 15 storey mid-rise condominium development will house a luxurious building with a total of 544 units.



Starting From $300,000

The pre-construction condos, Elevate Condos in Kitchener aims to provide 15 stories of luxury accommodation. Elevate Condos in GTA possess smart building technologies with a condominium that is upscale. The confirmation to provide facilities that are recreational welcome entertaining social spaces within the property. Amenities and the Exterior Elevate Condos provide charging stations for elevate

Kitchener Real Estate: Condos For Sale

One of the largest cities in the tri-city of Southeastern Ontario, Kitchener, is in the middle of the sister cities. With Cambridge to its southeast and Waterloo to its northwest, the real estate market of Kitchener offers elegant newly built condos by esteemed condo builders. In the past few years, condos in Kitchener have seen tremendous growth. 

Kitchener is an energetic city known for its high-spirited and dynamic cultural festivals, world-class realty, beautiful neighbourhoods, and delightful weather. Every year, the city attracts over 700,000 visitors to its annual cultural festival. 

The city has numerous condos on sale with a high accessibility rate. As for transit services, the city is easily accessible to the ION Light Rail Transit system in between Kitchener and Waterloo. Along with it, residents have a rapid bus service to Cambridge. 

A place to enjoy a rich culture!

With a population of over 260,000 people, Kitchener provides big city life in its small-town charm. Historically, the city is the manufacturing centre of the tri-city. Representing as the most exciting city in the region, the city has a diversified sector contributing to the economy on a massive scale. 

The city offers several education establishments like Kitchener–Waterloo Collegiate School,  Eastwood Collegiate Institute,  Grand River Collegiate Institute,  St. Mary's High School, Conestoga College, and others. The city also possesses various lush green spaces like Victoria Park, McLennan Park, and others. 

Reasons to invest in Kitchener Real Estate Market

Kitchener is the largest town of the tri-cities in Southeastern Ontario, Canada. From a rich cultural heritage to a massive economy in GTA, the city offers everything you look for! 

If you are looking for under construction or pre-construction condos on sale, Kitchener here offers a market full of luxurious condo deals.

  • Lower price than most urban cities.
  • Diverse economy
  • Growth of technology
  • Multiple job opportunities
  • High rental income 
  • A growing population

Average Price for Condos in Kitchener

When most of the country's real estate market was drowning, the real estate market of Kitchener was swimming beautifully. As per the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of Realtors (KWAR), the average price rose to $639,814 in 2020 as compared to that of $521,101 in the year 2019.

Real Estate in Kitchener

As per the MLS system of KWAR, 686 condo units were sold in August 2020. As compared to August 2019, only  470 condo units were sold. There’s an increase of  48% as per the last year. 

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